I have spent half of my life steeped in Eastern culture and the sciences and the other half in Western culture and the arts. Although my educational background is science/medicine, I also have a strong affinity for literature, art, nature, sociology, education, and children.  Photographing nature often inspires me to write poetry.  Conversely, my more recent, non-photographic art tends to be inspired by poetry.  I enjoy music composition also. The undercurrent of my work may be my faith, which resembles that of a moderate Quaker.

I learned dark-room photography in Japan during my four years in medical school, but it was not until a decade later that I resumed taking pictures, in the form of digital photography.  I use dark mats and background to represent the dark place in which the faintest light becomes brighter.  My subjects are such faint light, most easily unnoticed, "ordinary" things that are not ordinary in the quiet "being with" them, in darkness.  I don’t venture to foreign destinations for exotic images but, as a lover of nature, hope to share the easily missed, everyday Eden I find in my own backyard and between errands, in hopes you might carve a piece out of darkness for yourself also, and invite you to open wide your eyes toward the beauty off your front door steps and all the in-between places in our here and now.

Emi Shigeno, M.D.

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BIO in Japanese:

日本人医師を父に、アメリカ人看護婦を母に日本に生まれ、伊豆半島で子供時代を過ごし、韮山高等学校理数科(及び美術部)を卒業の後、東北大学医学部へ入学。その間、写真部で暗室現像を習得する。卒業後、名古屋にて医師の仕事に従事するが、結婚後、アメリカに移住し、医療翻訳業と育児の両立を経て、子供たちを自ら教育する傍ら、哲学や文学を学び、写真、詩作、彫刻、絵画など信仰の影響を受けた創造的活動を始める。心理的または社会的暗闇にあるときには普段見逃しやすい身近な日常の光景が新しい光を帯びる印象を表現する意図として、創作は殆ど裏庭にて行い、背景や枠は常に黒を使う。そのような作品を通して暗闇の壁を彫り削ってもらい、各々自分の世界で目を大きく見はらって、玄関先や日常の慌ただしさの中「今ここで」小さなエデンの園を見つけてもらえることを祈りつつ、アメリカのペンシルバニア州にて創作を続けている。舞踏家 大野一雄の姪孫。